AMRO staff undertook a survey at the end of 2020 to gather broader regional views on the COVID-19 vaccines. The aim was to compile information that could potentially help member authorities design vaccination strategies to improve the take-up of vaccines, in order to better control the virus and ensure a more sustainable economic recovery.

While the sampling was not quite scientifically executed, the survey did capture a few interesting trends. Notably, the vast majority of respondents would take the COVID-19 vaccine. But, the (warp) speed of development and approval of the vaccines have made respondents somewhat apprehensive about their safety. Hence, many would rather wait for further information on the vaccines and their potential side effects. Proportionally, anti-vaxxers appear to be a relatively small group in the region, which suggests that governments have the opportunity to enact policies that could encourage a high take-up of the COVID-19 vaccines, where possible.