AMRO’s TA aims to strengthen the macroeconomic surveillance capabilities of member economies. It is tailored to the needs and economic profiles of member economies, taking into account a member’s developmental stage and policy priorities. The TA program also facilitates knowledge-sharing between AMRO, members and other international organizations.

It is provided through various modalities:


AMRO has a positive workplace culture that motivates me to work harder, seize more opportunities and further enhance my understanding of financial cooperation with ASEAN+3 member economies and authorities. Not only is working at AMRO my first on-the-job training experience in an international organization, it is also a place where I built many friendships with people from across the region.

Chanthevivanh Keobounphanh, secondee from the Bank of Lao PDR

AMRO is a melting pot of cultures and races, a testament to the best that our ASEAN+3 region can offer. That melting pot offers progress, to a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. My competencies have benefited greatly from the penetrative intellectual discourse, entrenched collaborative spirit, and inclusive working climate that continues to define my days in AMRO.

Aimran Azmir, secondee from Bank Negara Malaysia

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