Areas Of Expertise

Financial markets
Monetary policy
Monetary operations

Pim-orn Wacharaprapapong


Ms. Pim-orn Wacharaprapapong joined AMRO in March 2023. She serves as a country surveillance Economist covering Malaysia, the Philippines, and China.

Prior to joining AMRO, Ms. Wacharaprapapong  served as Assistant Director at the Bank of Thailand, where she oversaw the strategy and design of the central bank’s liquidity management operations, including open market operations, emergency lending assistance, as well as Covid-era emergency lending facilities. To support this role, she has conducted extensive financial market surveillance and analysis, focusing on the money market, bond market, foreign exchange market, and foreign portfolio flows.

In addition to her experience in monetary operations and financial market surveilance, Ms. Wacharaprapapong  also has experience in monetary policy strategy. Her focus included exchange rate policy, for which she conducted equilibrium exchange rate assessment, evaluated exchange rate impacts on sectoral exports, and developed a framework for exchange rate policy communication. Furthermore, she contributed to policy discussions on Unconventional Monetary Policy (UMP) tools in the context of Thailand. Pim-orn holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Oxford (UK), and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Yale University (US).