AMRO Annual Report 2019 – Working Together for Economic Growth

The Annual Report 2019 details AMRO’s initiatives and progress toward its Strategic Direction and Medium-term Implementation Plan.

It highlights key achievements in the areas of—providing high-quality surveillance, supporting the Chiang Mai Initiative Multilateralisation (CMIM), and fostering regional capacity development.

In 2019, AMRO’s vision to be the ‘family doctor’ of the ASEAN+3 region was renewed with the endorsement of our Mid-Term Implementation Plan. AMRO integrated the Economic Review and Policy Dialogue scorecard into the country surveillance toolkit to enhance the robustness of our macroeconomic surveillance. We supported the CMIM through facilitating the 10th test run to ensure activation preparedness and strengthening the CMIM conditionality framework. With two ongoing consultancy projects, AMRO is also committed to providing technical assistance tailored to our members’ needs.

As a young institution, AMRO continues to build our organizational capabilities and deepen ties with member authorities and peer international organizations. We embrace diversity and our talent comes from all over the region. Leveraging on new technology, AMRO has explored more ways to engage with our key external stakeholders such as academia, the private sector, and the general public. In enhancing our organizational effectiveness, we strengthened our Performance Evaluation Framework to better inform results-based management.