AMRO’s Annual Report 2018 captures key developments and accomplishments of the organization in the year 2018.

The Annual Report 2018 details AMRO’s initiatives and progress made in the second year of implementation of its Strategic Direction and Medium-term Implementation Plan. It elaborates on AMRO’s achievements in providing high quality surveillance, supporting the regional financial arrangement – the Chiang Mai Initiative Multilateralisation (CMIM), and fostering regional capacity development.

In 2018, AMRO further enhanced its country surveillance to provide timely and appropriate policy advice to our members, identified global and regional risks as well as spillovers in the region, started incorporating the Economic Review and Policy Dialogue Matrix in surveillance, engaged in in-depth analytical studies and rigorous research, and devised new toolkits to support surveillance work. AMRO further stepped up our efforts in supporting the CMIM development on several fronts, including assisting the conduct of the first CMIM periodic review, facilitating the 9th CMIM test run, supporting the development of the CMIM conditionality framework, and providing intellectual support on the future direction of the CMIM. AMRO also provided technical assistance tailored to members’ needs and different stages of developments.

The report also highlights the enhancement of AMRO’s organizational effectiveness and efforts in building stronger and deeper ties with member authorities, peer international organizations, the private sector, academia, and the general public. Notably, AMRO developed several important institutional policies as well as the Performance Evaluation Framework to provide results-based assessments and recommendations on organizational effectiveness.