Areas Of Expertise

Financial Market Surveillance
Macroeconomic and Market Analysis
FX, Interest Rates, Equity, and Select Commodity Markets
Financial Modeling and Analytics

Prashant Pande

Senior Financial Specialist

Prashant Pande joined the ASEAN+3 Macroeconomic Research Office (AMRO) in December 2019 as a Financial Markets Specialist. He supports AMRO’s efforts in conducting financial market surveillance with a focus on both regional as well as global markets across asset classes.

Prashant previously worked with Nomura’s FX and Interest Rates Research team with a focus on Asian economies. He was responsible for monitoring these markets and providing trading strategies for FX and Interest Rates. The roles entailed a good understanding of macroeconomic and market concepts as well as the application of analytical frameworks.

Prashant graduated from IIM Calcutta with a Post Graduate Diploma in Management, focusing on Finance and Systems.