Areas Of Expertise

Macroeconomic Surveillance
Development Economics
International Development
Trade / Foreign Direct Investment Promotion
Industrial / Private Sector Development Policy

Naoaki Inayoshi


Mr. Naoaki Inayoshi is a Consultant in the Surveillance Group and Strategy & Coordination Group. He supports the macroeconomic surveillance activities of Lao PDR and Myanmar and strengthens AMRO’s organizational framework.

Prior to joining AMRO, Mr. Inayoshi worked at the World Bank and supported a project aimed at upgrading the capacity of firms in developing countries.

He also worked at Japan International Cooperation (JICA) where he conducted macroeconomic analysis and provided loans, grants, and technical assistance projects including policy advice. As an Economist at JICA’s Myanmar Office in Yangon, Myanmar, he supported the Myanmar government’s trade and investment promotion policies, infrastructure development, and private sector development such as the small and medium-sized enterprises support measures. Specific projects included the formulation of the Myanmar Investment Promotion Plan and the development of the Thilawa Special Economic Zone.

Mr. Inayoshi was also a Section Chief at the Japanese Ministry of Finance. He supported the IDA18 Replenishment of the World Bank Group and launched a financing mechanism with the World Bank to support countries impacted by refugee crises.

Mr. Inayoshi holds a Master’s in Public Administration in International Development (MPA/ID) from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government in the US and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Waseda University in Japan.