From left to right: Ms Li Hongxia, Deputy Director General; Mr Shi Yaobin, Vice Minister; Mr Liu Jian, Director General; Mr Qin Jie, Deputy Director; Ms Zhou Shengyan. AMRO’s side from left to right: Dr Chaipat Poonpatpibul, Lead Economist and Group Head; Director, Dr Junhong Chang and Chief Economist, Dr Hoe Ee Khor.

An AMRO mission led by Dr. Chaipat Poonpatpibul conducted this year’s Annual Consultation Visit to China. The team visited Beijing from June 27 to July 1 and Shenyang (Liaoning Province) from July 4 to 5. Dr. Junhong Chang, AMRO’s Director, and Dr. Hoe Ee Khor, AMRO’s Chief Economist, also joined the mission in Beijing.

During the visit, AMRO staff had intensive meetings with the public sector, including the Ministry of Finance, People’s Bank of China, other ministries and regulatory agencies, and the IMF, WB, and ADB Offices as well as the private sector. AMRO staff discussed a wide range of topics with their counterparts, including China’s economic outlook in the short and medium term and risks, structural adjustment and SOE reforms, the role of fiscal and monetary policies in supporting the economy in the current conjuncture and during the economic transition period, exchange rate policy and capital flows amidst elevated external uncertainty, and corporate debt and financial stability. The mission presented its preliminary assessment of the Chinese economy to the authorities during the visit, and will prepare a final report when the mission returns to Singapore.

AMRO would like to thank the Chinese authorities for their hospitality and kind assistance in arranging the meetings, which greatly contributed to deepening AMRO’s understanding of the current economic landscape and critical issues related to growth and macroeconomic stability in China.