Areas Of Expertise

Regional Financial Cooperation
Development Finance
International and Regional Macroeconomics and Finance
Inter-governmental Coordination

Wenxing Pan

Former Deputy Director (CMIM, Strategy and Coordination)

Mr. Pan assumed the position of AMRO Deputy Director in October 2019, and is responsible for Chiang Mai Initiative Multilateralisation support, as well as strategy and coordination.

Mr. Pan has more than 20 years of extensive experience in the fields of regional financial cooperation, international development finance, international and regional macroeconomic, and financial research since he started his career at the Ministry of Finance of China in 1995. Before joining AMRO, Mr. Pan served as a Division Director in the International Economic Relations Department (2019), the International Economic & Financial Cooperation Department (2018-2019) and the International Department (2009-2014). His major responsibilities covered various areas, including regional financial cooperation such as the ASEAN+3 Finance Process and Belt and Road Financing Cooperation, inter-governmental coordination and preparation for the establishment of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, cooperation with international organizations on development finance and climate change financing, as well as strategic research on international and regional macroeconomic and financial issues.

He also served as the Alternate Executive Director at the Asian Development Bank (2014-2018) and Board Director of the Green Climate Fund (2018-2019).

Mr. Pan holds an MBA from Ateneo de Manila University (the Philippines) and a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Xiamen University (China).

Mr. Pan left AMRO in September 2022.