Xin Li

AMRO Advisory Panel Member from 2021 to 2025

Dr. Xin Li is currently Professor of Economics and Statistics, and Deputy Dean of the School of Statistics at Beijing Normal University.

She has been named “Beijing Outstanding Young Talents” and has served as a consultant for the Asia Development Bank, the Ministry of Commerce of China, and the Ministry of Finance of China.

Dr. Li received her PhD in International Economics from Sun Yat-sen University. She has published over forty academic papers in Chinese and English Journals, as well as several books, including From Trade Surplus to the Dispute over the Exchange Rate, Income Disparity in China: Crisis with Economic Miracle. Her most recent publications related to global value-added chains, external imbalance, exchange rate and income disparity.

She participated in the writing of “IV. Modality of Local Currencies Contribution to the CMIM Arrangements” with Dr. Feng Lu in the AMRO collaborative research on local currency contribution to the CMIM in 2018, participated in Global Value Chain Development Report 2017/2019 hosted by WTO, IDE-JETRO, OECD, UIBE & World Bank and worked for China’s Ministry of Finance as a coordinator of their G20 research group for the last decade.